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i want to kiss you and take cute pictures with you and go on stupid dates but I also want kill you for making me feel things

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Me while watching most of the 2014 Golden Globes


New Years Resolutions (12 Days after NYE)

Huddled together on a dirty kitchen floor over a few glasses of red wine, my friends and I decided that 2014 has not been our year. Maybe it was the sub-par midnight countdowns or maybe it was the below freezing weather, but, 12 days later, we decided that we needed to take control of our 2014 and make it everything we want it to be. Now, I thought I would start it all off with a list of my New Years Resolutions.

Lauren, this year I think you should..

1. BE MORE FANCY. A little bit of dark lipstick and mascara can go a long way. Some days it’s OK to leave the house feeling overly glamorous. Accessorize. Draw on that cat eye. Wear a heel (even if you measure up to be 6’3”). Maybe even wear some glitter.

2. DO MORE THINGS. Instead of long nights of booze-induced stupor followed by daylong brunches*, spend your off days adventuring, visiting neighboring towns and being a real person. Let’s do more of those note-worthy things that make us laugh and make us nervous.

3. KISS MORE BOYS. Come on, girl. It’s time to officially get over that one and move on. There’s no need to hang on to negative people. Surround yourself with those positive people and find new ones who make you laugh. This is your year to meet those new boys. And maybe even kiss them.

4. WRITE MORE STUFF DOWN. Blog more. Write down things you never want to forget. Beautiful moments. Mortifyingly awkward feelings. Everything. Things you want to go back and read that will always give you those anxious bad-and-good feelings in the depths of your guts. 

5. READ MORE. Because it’s good for you.

*(I mean, there’s no need to give up on brunch completely, but maybe we should try to keep it within a reasonable brunching hour. Maybe.)

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